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By | March 4, 2022

Introducing our guest: Audrey Yagalla on The Metaphysical Mysteries Podcast. Audrey is from Pennsylvania and is a Reiki master, has been certified through NLP, and theta healing. She has also done shamanistic practices, such as working with runes. Overall, Audrey is a writer, healer, and a sage.

Audrey has recently released a book titled “Out of The Shadows”. Through “Out of The Shadows”, Audrey is stepping out of her comfort zone and telling her truth. Her voice will no longer be silent. “Out of The Shadows” is about a journey to healing and a path that is a “straight line” was never a straight line”. It had bumps along the way, spirals, and lots of onion peeling. It’s all about the modalities that Audrey used to get where she is today. In doing the path to healing, she has also learned the path so she can help others.

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“…I no longer considered my progress toward greater understanding of myself as “work,” since the word work has some negative connotations for our society; instead, I considered it movement toward something greater.”

“Out of the Shadows”
Chapter Six: Healing Begins in Earnest

Audrey Yagalla : Author, Healer, Sage

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Good afternoon folks hey this is terry And tom with the metaphysical mysteries Podcast and today we have with us Audrey Yaga to get your name correct Uh audrey comes to us from the great State of pennsylvania And uh Sean knows she's an eagles fan or she's A steelers fan we'll hold that for later For for those of you who are fans uh You'll still listen to her if i i don't Want to shut you out early So but she is a reiki master and she's Been through nlp And certified there and uh theta healing Uh as well as doing some shamanistic Stuff working with runes and so forth Lots of different neat stuff she's a Writer a healer and a sage And i've had the opportunity to interact With audrey multiple times and always Always a blast always fun And uh so hey audrey thanks for coming i Know you got a cool book coming out Matter of fact today Correct me if i'm wrong but today is the Day it comes out on amazon it's called Out of the shadows is that correct that Is very correct well cool very cool well Hey tell us something about yourself um That's a little intro that i had but you Know more about yourself than i do so What's hanging what's going on with the

Audrey these days start So i'm super excited about this book um Stepping out of a big comfort zone Stepping out into the world telling my Truth my voice my voice will no longer Be silent It's about a journey um To healing and a path that isn't a Straight line was never a straight line It had beeps and bumps and uh spirals And lots of onion peeling And it's about The modalities i used To get to where i am today And in Doing the paths to healing i've also Learned the path so i can help others Okay so for the folks out there the Listeners um Although you have all these psychic Skills and stuff and had them before These this this issue related to the Book um and you've had it since but This is about a pedophile priest who Victimized you when you were a little Girl correct that is correct I was um I was groomed Uh Chosen Out of many people who are money Counters And Um it proceeded and happened all

Throughout my high school years Um ended Freshman year of college And um I was the person who the attorney General of pennsylvania spoke about who Had the abortion paid for By the roman catholic church Gotcha Gotcha um This made news what it was a couple of Years ago was this 2019 and i got that Right where it really made a lot of news Because i remember seeing it although i Don't live in your state but i remember Hearing about it august 14 2018 18 okay 18. okay gotcha Yeah it's the day my children found out About my past Okay wow that popped a bubble didn't it It sure did yeah it sure did And on Contin different form of healing Right different form of healing yeah you Know I want to ask you because you're you Know i'm honest you've got some Expertise in this area i mean since all This happened i'm sure you've had to do Tons of research during your you know Therapies and every other thing you've Had to do to get yourself well um My understanding the statistics i last Saw and tom maybe you'd jump in on this

Too but um four out of ten uh people Have had some kind of a Abuse And a lot of people believe that number Is actually significantly higher than That but i think statistically we can Prove 4 out of 10 does that sound fair That sounds fair it almost sounds Almost too low unfortunately Um for example i went to mail Three books At the post office And i was so excited i said to the woman This is the postmaster this is a book That i wrote about healing from trauma From sexual abuse And she says i'm a survivor And i said you are And she proceeded to tell me her story And then she said i've never told anyone Until you Wow Older than me Happened when she was 10 And i'm getting emails Already and the book is just released I was too I was too this is what happened to me Right But my story isn't only about what Happened to me though It's giving hope My hope that it gives hope to people That they can be whole complete

Well-functioning human beings Again Because you know the path to the path is A bumpy road and sometimes you don't see That light It's my hope that the book offers light And different possibilities because Cognitive therapy isn't the end all do Well for many people There's many different avenues Yeah i think first and foremost i want To say I'm sorry you had to go through that And no child should have to deal with That there's too many layers of betrayal In that incident especially being a Priest that does that So it can disrupt core values in many Levels [Music] So that's the first thing i would want To say before we even start this How did you find the path through it and Out of it you talked about different Therapies and such what did you end up Using and how did you survive it you Know mentally and such as you went Through the Years Um in the beginning i was on a lot of Medication Ended up in hospital Twice Um

Then when i started doing the reiki and The neuro-linguistic programming Uh it just seemed To ease the bumps a lot it just seemed To to Balance my energies Um [Music] How did i keep on going i had nieces That gave me My my drive to continue for them and Then i had my children And my children were the drive And now I'm driven to and the ancestral things I want my children to have a clean slate And their children to have a clean slate As best as they can And i know a lot of this is just Patterns through years and years So there was really no one point or one Modality that helped me the most Although i must say that getting my soul Parts back with the shamanic practice Was indeed very very Very powerful for me As well as the theta healing And i do breath work as well and there's So many different layers of all these Modalities You know i just can't say do this Because this is the best third it's all Based on what you need at the time you Know you might do reiki for five years

And find something else and it fits Because that's where you are in your Path that's where you're on your process Right exactly well it's like i tell People it's like a plumber or a Carpenter they come to your house with a Whole toolbox full of tools and when They need the wrench they get the wrench Out when they need the hammer they get The hammer out there's a and there's an Order in which you do these things and So i would tell practitioners to try to Broaden your scope as much as you can And You brought up one interesting point About um heredity and you want to make Sure that they're clear well Scientifically we have found out and This was through holocaust victims that Trauma has been passed down through the Dna of to the children and grandchildren From holocaust victims so if you're a Victim of this sort of um abuse as well That certainly could be passed down and Needs to be addressed and i don't know If it even skips generations from Grandparent to grandchild probably does I don't think we know the whole story Yet but anytime you try to clear Ancestral lines i think that's what They're trying to talk about for so for The the listener out there who doesn't Know what the hell we just talked about What we just said here a few minutes ago

Let us say that they have found Scientifically that that is in fact a Case it passes down uh through the Generations and sometimes you see that John well well with tom and i in our Police work we would see two or three Generations of families that have the Exact same problems over and over Whether it is this problem of abuse Through sexual abuse emotional abuse or Just drugs or whatever and you know as Soon as you see the kid in kindergarten Boy doesn't likely have a chance because Look at the parents look at the Grandparents and and it's like in their Being that this kid is going to end up In the same situation so yeah i mean Healing all those generational things Would be great if it could be done and With the right people and the right Technique you can make some real Improvements I do believe That it will come to pass that it will They're studying epigenetics and that's What the scientific Component is is the epigenetics So i always say it's going to be a great Day when spirituality and science meet And realize they're all on the same page Yeah that's what this podcast is all About you just named it that's exactly What we're here for Because we're not that far apart we just

Don't know how to communicate really Well with each other yet Yeah you know The theta I mean this all comes down to quantum Physics doesn't it Just Going beyond time space dimensions Realms Multiverses And throughout the dna Right it's all quantum it's all quantum Physics is how quantum healing We just have to widen that narrow scope As a humanity and just Expand and we're there we're coming There right and i would encourage the Listeners if you don't know what quantum Physics is look it up as i used to say In the academy look it up and uh you Know look at the definitions what's Quantum what you know it's quantum Physics what are they and kind of get a Sense of it so when people are throwing These words out at you you Can assimilate that and understand what They're talking about and apply it to The field in question uh so Because in our industry like many other Industries uh the wu industry comes up With a lot of woo-woo terminology and we Just take it for granted but for the Other average person out there like Having to learn this language on top of

Trying to really believe or not believe What we're saying is true or whatever so I would encourage people to to become The student and really dig in because That's the only way you're really going To learn this you're not going to Believe it i tell people never to Believe me go find it out for yourself If you want to spend years and years Doing it fine if you want to listen to My summary of it that's great too But believe me you need to dig in Yourself That's very true and you don't know what You don't know until you realize you Don't know it right right you had a Surgeon one time tell me he goes you Know i think he says it's the height of Arrogance to believe just because i Don't know something That somebody else doesn't know it [Music] And sometimes we get ourselves into Those especially getting to the high Level professions and they believe If i was to know it out i would have Known it everybody you know Clearly but no that's not necessarily True so i thought that was really Real of him to say that Very much so yeah tommy Yeah you're right on with that um the Whole quantum piece that is the future You know it's kind of sad that all the

Stuff we learned in high school Is becoming obsolete really fast Um You know if you really want to learn This look at your elementary middle School kids their homework and then You'll start to get a sense of The future just for us right having to Relearn everything yeah i Wouldn't know how to do the math that They're doing now I'd have to go back to school for it It's kind of interesting Next time i circle around i want to get A few more of those math genes so uh Right Yeah i would definitely want to get some More math genes for sure but uh Um so let me ask you this okay so you go Through this um Terrible situation for a number of years And we've noticed as tom and i have Interviewed a number of people that um People that are that are psychic mediums They oftentimes have had some Significant trauma a variety of traumas But oftentimes same similar Uh situation is what you describe And it really forces them to go within Themselves to find freedom to find peace And they make that contact with these uh Entities on the outside or what we Consider the outside it's really within Um did you find that the case that you

Really were able to focus yourself or Needed to in order to Move on oh did i ever That's an understatement Um Yes i finally at one point After failed relationships i'm like This is enough i need to go and love Myself you know the you gotta love Yourself you should drive me crazy but Until you go in and you pull all the Gunk out and all the goo and you look Hard and long at where it came and how It got there and you pull And you sit with it and then you release It That's when You start healing you have to be able to Face that those dark shadows those dark Nights of the soul of the The stuff you don't like you know when i Used to work in the school system a Little boy used to say but i don't want To get rid of my yuckies i like my Yuckies When you want to heal yourself you have To be able to get rid of the yuckies And address them Instead of square on the face let me ask You a question if you were to speak to Your 12 year old self With all the knowledge and wisdom that You have now What would you advise your 12 year old

Self to do Boy I was pretty ferocious back then even Because even when I approached him after a car ride I went in and um I would just have to to say to her It's okay to to be strong but it's okay To tell somebody too Because i was that little girl who was Fierce and fiercely independent And from a broken family like my family Was just my mom was in the depression my Dad was going through his stuff i was The youngest of seven I was flying solo essentially so i was That spunky little girl You know um who stood up for herself Many times and i did at that one moment I would just say Keep on sticking up for yourself and Yeah it's so it's okay to use your voice To think you know just tell I've gone through this whole scenario so Many times in my head right well let me Switch the question up a little bit and Ask you this If you were a parent and that 12 year Old girl came to you and said mommy Daddy this is happening to me what Should a parent do They should listen They should hear them they should ask For specific details and look them in

The eye And tell them Tell me more I want to hear more I want to hear Every little bit even though it's Painful tell me more and listen And trust that they're telling you the Truth That's what they need to do Now as it relates to breakthrough Therapy i'm going to call it that for Lack of a better term you talk about Many different kinds of therapy that Like the layer of the onion okay i get That but was there one kind of therapy That kind of opened the can so to speak For you and you said okay i see light at The end of the tunnel was it what was The first thing that you came across to Go Okay you know this is this is something I can actually deal with you know Theta healing Was for me Transformational in many ways because i Thought i had a connection to god to Source But when Fred selzman did the first session it Was in a group and i said yeah i guess Connect me to source And when i was sitting there in this Quiet meditation

I feel tears going down my face and i'm Like oh there you go your big baby You're crying again right The meditation's over i go to wipe my Tears and there's nothing there And he says you were so tough to get Back to source but you did it And i realized it was my soul crying for The reunion back to source That was pivotal for me That was pivotal Well let's talk about beta for a minute So the listeners understand when you say Theta what we're talking about folks is We're talking about the brain waves and Being able to get your brain waves down To the slower and slower Amount of brain waves and theta we we Got gamma i was really almost dead there At that point you know in a coma and Then there's theta and there's there's Beta and i mean there's Alpha you know goes on down through the Different brain so what what is the best Way in your um Experience to get to a theta Brainwave You know that's a tough question from an Answer because i can go like that yeah Um Best for for anybody who wants just to Sit In a quiet meditative state And visualize going up different levels

And as you go up different levels your Body is going into just this total Relaxation Spot And then Trusting Trusting your answers and trusting what You're seeing Um Because the theta brain wave your your Monkey mind isn't going a mile a minute Anymore You're in that receptive mode And um That's where you can ask the questions The big questions and the little Questions in the theta state and the Biggest thing is to trust the answers That you're given Instead of saying who me or you really Think i should do that yeah Because that's that's your brain that's Your higher self coming in and saying Yeah do this or this is what should be Done And it's imagine it's a really powerful Place in the mind to be Because everything else falls away Right Yeah and for the listeners just i mean a Lot of people can walk around in alpha Uh almost i mean once they get to that Certain level of peace and you're almost Walking around in alpha all the time and

Then if you just need to drop a little Lower into theta uh it's not much effort To do that you know and you can tell Those people they they just have a sense Of peace around them when they walk in The room You can tell they're not all wound up And they just walk in and they're Probably in alpha um if not Shifting to theta at any second uh They're right at that borderline and for Folks that want to do uh biofeedback Where they hook hook your brain up and So forth you can actually see those Brain waves and start to get some handle On that from a you know doctors hooking You up and so forth oh tommy if you do Any of that stuff or not but with your Equipment Yeah we can measure some of that as well We can see under stress loads the shift In the brain waves and we are Predominantly At For the listener i guess probably the Best way to know you're there is you're Almost in that like daydreamy kind of State Or perhaps have you ever done something Where you're like driving down the road And all of a sudden you realize where You're at but you like how did i get Here That's probably the simplest way to

Explain it for the person that's not Really practiced in shifting those Levels Yes Absolutely and that you know when There's snow storms out we all live in States that have snow uh and they talk About you know you see the snow coming And they always tell you to use your dim Lights so you're not using your brights Then put you in that that state it'll Put you in alpha or network data very Quickly you can easily crash a car and Be in really danger if you're not Careful uh because it puts you in a State of hypnosis and hypnosis puts you In alpha and or theta uh as a as a Master hypnotherapist i can tell you That's exactly where you're headed to It's that classic thing all of a sudden I show up in my driveway and i do not Remember the trip from the grocery store Home So you were there Yes i i experienced that on my way home From rochester yesterday yeah there you Go It's like how did i get here so fast Exactly and time flies because you get Outside the sense of time too and that's When i do uh you know hypnosis on folks Uh we might be there for an hour and ten Minutes or something and then they wake Up and they think maybe seven eight

Minutes And they just have no sense of time Whatsoever it seems like it's so Quick but in fact they've been there for A long time yeah Fascinating fascinating so from a Regular Therapeutic point of view psychologist And psychiatrist is did any of that play Any role or did you just kind of stay Away from that or did you engage that as Well Well I was in therapy for many years i had Psychiatrists And At one point When i was pregnant with my daughters i Don't want to do any more medication for Now And i didn't go back on medication Yeah my second i did Um [Music] I was in and out of like the wellbutrin The the pharmaceuticals for a little While But now No Right now Um Years of therapy and i had the best Therapist my last therapist was the best Because i sat in her office and said i

Love you i like coming but i don't want To keep on coming what else is there And she's the one who led me to Shamanism And the soul retrieval Good good Yeah and the concept drawing behind soul Retrieval for the listener is that There's parts and pieces you've left and Of course you have to believe in Reincarnation first off Or none of this is going to make any Sense so um that you've left in past Lives potentially future lives you left Parts and pieces behind and you're Trying to retrieve those things to make Yourself whole And otherwise some people will call it Something different besides Soul retrieval they'll they'll call it a Lot of different things but basically Going back and ancestrally fixing and Bringing it all together or healing Parts and pieces so that your sound and Current day and time when you do that Then it makes all the rest of it before And after if you think of it in a linear Way it's not really it's a it's a circle So It's not linear like we think um but we Think of it that way so past and present Our future is all in one line but it's Truly not it's all happening at the same Time that's quite a concept

And they interject um A soul Often leaves the body for even even Minor traumas like a fender bender um Getting yelled at by a parent can cause A small cell retrieval A big event can cause a soul reach like Assaults to leave and not come back Fully so even if it's that little Essence that needs to come back When you bring that essence back in your Soul essence back you're com making a More of a complete full soul And that's the essence of the soul Retrieval So you can use that and yeah i use that In a form it's called tactical imaging It's a system that we use and it is does Do exactly the very same thing we don't Call it exactly that because well In a format that we didn't want to call It that but that in in effect it's the Same thing Well isn't it beautiful That There's so many modalities and healing Means out there but essentially You change the words but it's all the Same True 100 You know there's different ways of Getting there and Some take longer than others and you Know there's different there's different

Flavors for everybody who needs them Absolutely Well speaking of healing and doing some Of the psychic medium stuff so you we're Going to shift you over to your business Of psychic mediumship and and so forth And How is that going i mean what do you do Do you see people regularly or just do Them over the phone or you do it on zoom Or how do you how do you proceed I do it over zoom Okay over zoom meeting or i have people In person i also do events so i'll do Oracle readings and You know when i when i do my things it's It's a lot of channeling So i literally step aside oftentimes I say to my clients if there's a Question you need to ask when i'm in There because i might not remember Right So i just And whatever comes like so if a client Comes for Neuro linguist not Um if a client comes for a cautious Records Session To me when i go into an akashic record It doesn't mean the thing if you were Cleopatra so what So what what does that mean in this Lifetime

It means i don't have programs Is there's Is there something That is from that lifetime That is being presented in this lifetime That needs to either be healed or Brought forth So I might not get that you were a Gladiator but i might get you know that Well maybe you were but maybe you're a Gladiator and something happened and There was a forgiveness that needs to Happen Or reconciliation that needs to be Happening or a contract that needs to be Ended or a vow or commitment or there's Magic involved or oaths So that's all cleared through time space Dimensions realms throughout the entire Dna When i go into the records So i figure if we're in there this space Is wide open for healing they've come to Me as a client they want healing Right Cool so I think Records is absolutely fascinating and And for the listeners just keep in mind That kasich records what we're talking About there is What christians would call the book of Life um and and it's it's a record of

Your soul and your soul memory from From the beginning of time and what all You've experienced as a soul what Different bodies you've been whether You've been male female black white Asian indian whatever doesn't make any Difference all those experiences whether You're on this earth or someplace else Those are all recorded and so you have The ability and i think edgar casey um From the ara association research Enlightenment uh of course not dead but Uh the great sleeping prophet uh he Really really used the akashic records a Lot to give part of his 14 000 Readings in his lifetime and i think all Of us have kind of pivoted off of some Of that uh experience and material I agree Yeah i agree so whose record am i going Into I don't care you can use either one of Us we're both good training dummies if You want to give it a whirl Tom Whatever you would like i'm a gamer Okay All right so i need to do a disclaimer Here So i release on people's behalves So if i cough sneeze Burp Dry heave it's It's okay my body is not affected i have

No recollection It's just the way I remove and release things on people's Behalf And i'm Not affected it kind of sounds crazy Sometimes when i'm Coughing or doing something but i'm Perfectly fine Also sometimes my hands go sometimes I'll start speaking white language Different languages Um [Music] So just so you know So let's set sacred space shall we Okay So as we are sitting in this sacred Space of safety and sovereignty we call In what i call the umbrella team Of red rock Hazmat absorption Guardian circle protocol and hitchhiker Shield Knowing that we are sovereign We call in our divine soul star families Our spiritual teams of highest light Residents of truth and integrity We call any Others Of light of good to come and be with us In this sacred space Space is set It is done

Tom do i have your permission to connect With your higher self your spiritual Team of highest light and resonance and Access your akashic records Absolutely Okay Is there any question or anything That you would like to know offhand Um Nothing pressing i would say probably What is it that i need to know Look it's important thing for me to know Right now he does need to know what's Causing some heart palpitations Okay So they're giving me just a silly little Saying and it's not silly it means a lot So in the end kindness truly only really Is what matters And that's even before we get into the Records And they're telling me that you live Your life Following that my motto that kindness Truly does matter And that you put it your heart into Every Thing you do The shadows of life Tend to follow you and tap you on the Back On the Shoulder and they keep on saying look at Me look at me look at me

And you look at them with clearing eyes And you infiltrate their being and it's Almost like instantly They're gone You have that ability to make darkness Disappear Just like that Okay I wouldn't even get in the record yet There was a book Put out a while back called many lives Many masters And that That's they're telling me that was a Pivotal book for you have you you've Read that and was it pivotal indeed Uh i have not I have heard of it though So perhaps it's time that you read it It's it's um dr brian weiss Yes Um i mean Dolores cannon has done much work after Her after him But They're suggesting you Read that Many lives many masters it's a simple Book Um Is this important And they're telling me i asked why it's Important and they're telling me that It's important

Because You will start to Find that you As you Keep on attempting to master this life There's a part Many parts for many different lives that Are bleeding through That want to present Themselves and In your forensic field of study You have indeed Researched and and followed Darkness the path of darkness such as Check the ripper Um [Music] You're very analytical in that and you Knew who it was you knew who who who That criminal was in that lifetime And um Even though you had the forensics and And and the science behind it You were you were Laughed at and scoffed at And they literally turned their Shoulders to you In that lifetime Um But you knew who it was and you were Correct in that lifetime who was It was that lifetime That you are carrying forward in this Lifetime because you are having more

Fact-based things Coming forth and more ways to prove Prove different things and not Necessarily only forensics But The psyche the mind And The Pathways That Criminals walk And you try to trace them back to their Points of origin to to Correct it To correct it Does that resonate with you Uh i think that's probably more along The line of the counseling trying to get To the core issues Okay probably that applies more Accurately almost really But it is intertwined in um In a spun Kind of way and as a web With the They're showing me That You get to the point And it's oftentimes Very deductible a degree Making deductions and helping them find Their pathways by you connecting their Dots But not in a way that gives them the

Information but helping them Correct But helping them So they just said the words Jesuit priest You were pre a jesuit priest in a Lifetime And in that lifetime Fifteen hundreds Um I see the bell ringing And you lived a very Hmm You lived a very Pious Life but you even the very religious Very spiritual life but you were very Well taken care of by the community You were lavished with with good food And and Not prosperity but but abundance of of The necessary things you needed because You were very revered in that lifetime And people came to you For solace Um And they came to you for Reconciliation with their with their god And There's a thing with them With medicines With tinctures that you did when they Were ill too so not only Were you a jesuit priest but you were

Also in the healing arts as a jesuit Priest which was very Perhaps not looked upon Positively Um but you didn't care These were your people And then and you helped your people no Matter what and your people knew you had That your people in that lifetime Knew That you had their back And in the same they had yours it was a Beautiful symbiosis in the community Um Do you study the old ways of medicine I have i'm actually uh completing a Doctorate in natural medicine right now Yes That's where it's coming through Yes Um May i Download the information from that Lifetime into your field Of your permission If that helps my dissertation go simple Game on let's do it okay Okay Bringing forth a lifetime were you Knew the herbs the medicines the plants Where you made the tinctures were you Cured That All these lifetimes there's multiple

Lifetimes coming together Six lifetimes coming together [Music] Oh I'm seeing a globe Of gold spear above your head and it's Just slowly Coming down Into your crown Coming over and into your whole Head and it's traveling down Into your throat Down into your heart Going down to your feet Cycling back up to your heart and Resting into your heart space When you connect With your mind's eye to your heart And you're writing your dissertation They're saying to connect with your Mind's eye your heart and let it flow Out your mouth or through your hands and The information will flow More readily and more easily to you and The knowledge Base Will Come to you [Music] So Take a deep breath in through your nose Alter your mouth And how's it feeling Same different

Oh good Good Good Do you have any questions I'm sure i'm going to have a million When we end this session um Okay Um i'm going to close your records I'm going to disconnect Okay yeah that was good huh okay Audrey i got a little something for you While you were Doing that if you want to hear it sure Okay Okay well they started out and they said You're a mountain climber Which is they say attack and conquer Which is Obviously giving a sense of What you are as a human being i mean you You climb mountains the big big big Projects in front of you and you go After it and then you conquer it and you Do it it says Be of good cheer Says your your chiron has been Accomplished It says a finishing school is your Current status It says ideals will be accomplished Finally As you might say and what as your mind Might say So ideals

Not ideas ideals Will be accomplished as your mind might Say Kind of relating to The human mind It says although you were never off Track Uh even though it felt that way It says forthright speech Let me get to it here and john and all That comes so fast forthright speech Serves you well Says love must permeate your being Your thoughts and your mannerisms In Any interaction with your fellow man You're already doing that Unto you will be given a communication Method Which will connect you to spirit Spirit records and your fellow travelers Be appreciative of your journey Thank you that was just the overall Message Um Truffle was nice but you're a mountain Climber So How about that i guess you would concur With that so i sure do Thank you That's a beautiful message and something I needed to hear it's been quite a Couple weeks so yeah thank you

You're in a finishing school how Interesting is that So Your chiron now that goes back to um and I'm not an astrologist but i've stayed At a holiday inn overnight so um but the Guy chiron i believe is that is the big Major hurt Of your life that people come in with And you're done Yes Oh yeah so that's uh that's kind of and I don't claim to be an astrologer but i Believe that's that's the big deal there And then you move into kind of your mid Heaven and some of the other things but Basically what they're saying is you're You're now able to accomplish your Ideals you know What you would say were ideals in your Human mind so Very very exciting so yeah You weren't ever off track although it Felt that way Many times it did feel that way You know this was part of what you set Forth You you climbed the mountain You really did This wasn't your first rodeo in this um Situation Uh this had happened before And in many other lifetimes and so it Was finally you said i'm gonna i'm gonna

Beat it this time Again i'm gonna conquer And you did so yay Yay Yeah You're gonna go and then it goes and Talks about basically Uh forthright speech say it get it out Get it out get it out um that's going to Serve you well say it what's on your Mind you need to get it out without Hesitation Um and it says love Must permeate Your being it already does but even Further um so in your all your thoughts And in your mannerisms in the manner in Which you interact with your fellow Humans my fellow travelers if you will That's going to serve you extremely well And it says unto you will be given A communication method i think it's Going to be unique to you Which will connect you to spirit records And your fellow travelers So be appreciative of your journey Because i think you're in the gravy Areas what i call it Right you know the big Gooey junk is done and i think you're in The gravy at this point yeah icing on The cake Yeah Good it's been quite a journey right

And i have to share with you um a few Months ago in a meditation i was given An opportunity to leave i call it a tap Out And they gave me a choice x y and z Could release the book or i can do this I'm like oh yeah no i'm not done I'm not done and my mentor at the time Said It's a gift you can create the life you Want And i thought oh my that's pretty big That's pretty big big task me right Right so it is about using my voice and Using my experiences and Um All the good the bad the ugly Yeah And being the light Like not the Not the hokey light Like the light the light That's fun that's fun So what What is it that you enjoy the most about When you give a reading Oh Jeeps ah The freedom people feel the relief they Feel They feel lighter And when they do theta and you're doing If i do theta with somebody and they Come back like weeks later and say you

Know my family says i'm different Right They can't put their finger on it But they're different Because their life shifts in such Beautiful ways They just don't understand it and i'll Say well your life is going to shift and It's like oh yeah okay right And then they come back and say wow my Family says this or this and it's like That's the beauty of it When when they start Feeling So that one of the basic theta beliefs Is i love myself or i hate myself when You do those two and you shift them People carry themselves different they See themselves different You know and just even seeing that from Afar is a beautiful thing And just knowing that the just how they Carry just the lightness that they feel And you know you never know what's going To come up and you know so Sometimes you i've i've had a session That i connected with jesus on the Behalf of somebody It was like wow it was you know It was it was Indescribable the love and the peace You know so for me It's healing those but the messages i Get on a subconscious level too

And it's profound for me as much as it Is for anybody else yeah Um you want to look at my cash records For a bit you want to see what you can Which you can um Pick up um even if you get to the Quote-unquote library for the listeners When they talk about the library some People see it as a library and then they Have to actually go look at your books Other times it just opens up form just Depends i don't know which way you do it But Um See what you see how you see it i am i'm Always interested because i'm in a Position Very fortunate i realize that i'm in Extreme position to to get a lot of Readings from people but i'm fascinated By the interpretation of similar Material in a different way because i Think it's all 100 valid Right But right how some people see things But they're telling me that That The akashics aren't for you to be read Right now but the house of amenti are Are you familiar with the halls of Amenti I'm saying again i'm sorry i did the Halls of amenti okay That's what they're telling me

They're like yeah no he's done with Those What am i doing next then since i'm done With the apology it's kind of like You've had so many readings in the akash It's almost like old news is what They're telling me you've known so much It's almost like regurgitation is what They're telling me Yeah Yeah Think of any plan they need me to do Okay Plan Whatever i don't know let's see okay Do i have your permission Connect with your higher self Your entire spiritual theme of highest Light in residence and enter into the Halls of amenti on your behalf Why sure as long as you talk to Librarian out of it i'm good with it They're pretty guarded The only thing when you go into cherries It's probably going to look like a Series of comic books i don't know Exactly Okay let's see Okay this is the message The light you shine Is bright but it is a dim bulb in Relation to the glory of god That does not mean that your light is Not brilliant

Nor does it need to be Any brighter But in comparison To creator source god You are but a speck As your soul evolves and begins to Morph into something even greater than You are now And yes it is possible You will Become Lighter In density For your density will fall away And you'll say to yourself how is this Even possible But rest assured It is indeed possible You are going into a New way of being That is Of higher divine order And higher Higher frequency of color and light And In days And years to come You will See sparkles on your skin like the Sparkles of the sun And this is Because you truly are A part of The greater

Good So the question i would pose while You're connected is We had an experience with a couple of People who have watched me this has Happened multiple times Where my entire Body at least the upper portion of my Body completely turned into white light Yes and they wanted to know How and what that was i did my Explanation but i'll see if they have a Better Explanation Essentially what they are telling me is That this is just an indication of the Light body you will be becoming and it's Almost like the rainbow Body that Um [Music] Master jesus And Other lineages Of Tibetan Descent from the Tibetan descent is what they're telling Me Have Strived for The illumination You are Becoming

And what they have seen is the Illumination of your body as it is going To be Glistening like the sun The sparkles of the this the I'm just see your body just sparkling And glistening like like little diamonds All over your body And what they experienced was you In A semblance of a fine One of your finest hours Is what i'm being told But these finest hours that you held at That point will be carried forth and you Won't lose it it won't be coming in and Out anymore it will just Be like that for those who have the gift Of sight who have the gift of knowing Who have the ability to to see beyond What the eyes show us You will indeed become a light body Walking planet earth So that is just a glimmer of what you Were shown Thank you Any final parting words they need to Leave with me The journey is not for the faint of Heart but you Have Shown the strength of your heart the Strength of your body than the strength Of your mind in your spirit and

All those who might try to oppose you By being naysayers Will Fall aside at the wayside as you Continue to ascend in your full glory You will amass a mass of People followers so to speak And they will seek your guidance It is important for you to remember to Follow your Heart And leave ego at the Door very good thank you Okay How about that Very cool Cool stuff huh Cool stuff i think um People will be Intrigued You know to think of possibly getting a Reading for themselves And you know what impact that has on On them and their their you know and i Want to caution people too That From a professional Reading point of view i i always tell Them you know no more Than twice a year is i mean do not get Dependent On a reader because and a true Professional reader is not going to let You come back every week they're not

Going to because you need to make these Decisions on your own your path is yours To walk And it's not for someone else to tell You Right and i must add though that's the Akashic What theta is theta Work is different yes because you can Come back every week or or every other Week or even once a month Because you need that assimilation And Adjustment time but you can continue Doing work i i do theta work on myself Daily sure Sure i agree 100 Yeah that's exactly what you should be Doing and for those who don't know what That is there's some great books out There theta healing Is out there and you can read for Yourself and um the Beta classes are out there but they're Few and far between they're not exactly Easy to to find And uh they're a little pricey sometimes But if you're really into Digging deeper then i would highly Recommend You know a person checking that out for Sure yes Yes they agree Agree wholeheartedly nice nice

Well you know hey this has been fun uh To go through and do this and to see What you do audrey and um you know and i Think your book um will really shed Light to a dark area that needs to be Opened up and and yes there are people Have been doing this but you know i Think what you're going to do here in The angelic information And push that's coming from the other Side for this is going to be really Helpful and you've already just seen the Tip of the iceberg here of how many People you're going to affect And tap into and so it takes great Courage to come out From the shadows almost as the book says And um you know put your information out There for people to see and to peruse And uh to learn from and man i i totally Agree with you know yet that older lady Uh the post office that said you know I've had this but i've never spoke about It and and it's true across the board And many of these not only just You know Situations like you had with some kind Of abuse but other people have had Experiences with um spirit in some form Or fashion i remember teaching a class I'm down in like key west teaching the Class which nice place to teach but i Had a lady who was 70 years old and she Told this whole entire elaborate story

And i said How old are you she goes 70. i said and This is the first time you've ever told It she's like yeah she goes i never had A format to tell it if i told my mom and Dad they would think i was crazy and Locked me up if i said it at church made Me a devil worshiper if i said it at Work they would fire me for being a nut Uh so this is the first format i've ever Had to actually express something that's Happened to me and i think a lot of People with abusers uh you know and i Almost every family that i can even Think of if you dig a little bit has had This kind of abuse and man i think what You're doing is just a great service These people get an opportunity to speak And hear the story and find a way out Of the suffering because you're not You don't have to be a victim your Entire existence and you're never Designed to be a victim everybody Incarnates here for the purpose of love And if you encounter this situation First you gotta love yourself and that's Really important and then you know find Some of these Great opportunities whether it's theta Or it's you know regular counseling or Whatever it may be Let's do that let's get people healthy Yes i agree and you know i I didn't stay in the victim

Mode for Long Couple years right and then i moved to Work then i moved to survivor right and Then i moved to Warrior She woman right wonder woman And then i moved to alchemist Because she who masters her energy Masters herself and masters her life 100 Yeah Yay And there's help there's hey as we get Ready to wrap this up tell us again the Name of your book and how people can Find you and and if they want to find You for a reading or they want to read This book tell us the whole story so We'll pop it up on the screen too but Tell us how the best way to get a hold Of you I can be reached at There's a full website there It lets you know um you can buy the it Gives you a link to the book yeah It also gives you a link to services Um Even from a basic consultation to see What you need And then the theta or the akashic or Even if it's nothing That It's not a one-size-fits-all

So we can discuss what you think you Need and we can Figure it out from there So that's all on there too Awesome awesome Very good and if they go onto amazon They if they need to look it up or They're going to search it give us the Name they need to search Out of the shadows out of the shadows so Hey folks we're gonna have this popped Up she's gonna send a copy of that or The the cover and tommy's gonna have That popped up on the website here so we Will have it on the website and All of all of andres contact information Will be there and uh tom you got some Wrap-up information there Yeah i just want to say thank you for Coming forth and telling your story um Over the years i've had the i'll call it The honor and the privilege to work with Many survivors of that type of trauma Predominantly from the first responder In military fields And it's a hell of a path to have to Walk But there's a lot of people that throw Buzzwords out there you know i train People in resiliency and people don't Even know what that is Uh but you're living proof of resiliency Where you're surpassed

Where you were and actually grew from it And passing it forward to help others so Great example to others that have lived That pathway i think you're going to Make a hell of a difference thank you Thank you Thank you fantastic well good um audrey Thanks for being here and uh man i all The best of success with your book and And your practice as well and uh for Everybody here at the metaphysical Mysteries hey thanks for joining us and We'll be back in the future with uh some More exciting guests and uh by all means Look audrey up on our website And see if you can't uh get in and get a Good reading from her and read her book And so forth so hey we'll talk to you All later bye-bye