3D Sacred Space Tools – Part 1

By | December 16, 2022

Powerful clearing 3D sigils. Create sacred space fast and at low cost! GREAT TOOLS!
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Welcome everyone Dr Thor here Get ready for gnosis well let's talk About creating that Sacred Space now I've been talking about this for years Keeping your environment open and Unblocked and of course your entire life Opened and unblocked And we have created for many years we Have what we call our altar cloths our Sacred energy cloths you put down and These are nice little cloths that Everyone should have used but we've Found something here that is really cool Because these are 3D Creators of sacred energy And uh these are you get an entire set Here at a pretty excellent price Uh of course the actual altar cloths are Very unique based on old traditions uh Those who are more magically oriented And these are more new AG type symbols But these are very powerful symbols that Have been used for millennium Here's the Old Flower of Life that comes From the Egyptians now all of these put Off really excellent clearing protective Energies This is beautiful energetic in itself This creates a very energetic uh pattern To clear out it has the actual Um mercabra in the center very powerful Symbol and the symbol of man there very Beautiful these are made out of very Light wood

You know they're 3D they're laser cut Through Perfection they are really Beautiful and they're kind of a perfect Size to put Um on a table or Um put your machines whatever you're Working create a Sacred Space uh if You're going to do any kind of subtle Energy physics work and here's a classic Indian design again with the uh with the Many symbol and these create huge Amounts of energy And here's a beautiful Mur Cobra Combined uh symbol as well just Beautiful these all put off excellent Energies and again here's the uh Flower Of Life So inside I can show you what kind of Good energy this puts out by uh let's Start over here and we can use our Pendulum on here uh to show you the kind Of nice energy these have uh so they put Out excellent you can see how this is Moving clockwise right away And look at the kind of energy this is Putting out Really strong and we can go over here as Well let's Get this going You always keep your pendulum moving a Little There we go That good clockwise Spin and again That's a pretty strong spin it's putting

Off excellent energy we'll do the same With this Again very strong this is really putting Out some good energy and a class of Course the classic one And these are nice as they said wood And again you can see that nice Clockwise Spin and they all have about The same clockwise uh spin that is Um Strong so you're talking about a good Spin there And as you said these are beautifully They're beautiful cut and they are uh Inexpensive so you just can't beat it so How do you use these things well again You can put this uh on a table where You're using your radionic equipment Um To clear it you want to create that Sacred Space and this is a great way to Do it because of the fact that here's One of your typical boxes Like I just put your box right on it Fits there it doesn't take up a lot of Space Um It's all there So you can put your and I had these uh Recently I just got these on Um of course I've got my system running Here Um but you could put these you could put These under everything of course you use

Your energy plates of course go on top Of that transfer energy plates then you Can put your Right there so you get four of these you Get one of each of these in a pack that Is very inexpensive everybody should get These I mean they're just great you know To find products that are inexpensive And so nice as I said these are Perfectly laser cut they're very clean Well made Um you just can't beat it for the price As well so they're just beautifully as Well now if you have a regular radionic Unit uh here's one right here this is my Uh Classic nine dial that I use all the Time Really beautiful unit Walnut case You just put the box right on there And you know the design doesn't matter They're all good if you prefer design if Your inner self says well that's a Better design than the other one that I Should use well you use that one So what you would do in a situation like This Is I really like this design And I'm going to put that to create Sacred Space that I'm using right now I'm going to put my radiatic machine on That and of course here's my transfer Energy plate You put it right on top like that

And then you put your machine back Which I have running on myself today With a little bit of a cold And I've had it on there for a few hours And I'm feeling better already so all You could do is uh is do that now if you Have a unit like this of course the Transmitter well you do the same thing You take it you put it down Then you put it on top Voila you have a great energy so