3D Sacred Energy Plates – Part 2

By | December 16, 2022

Must have clearing tools.
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Yeah people tend to forget you have to Create Sacred Space Now if you don't create Sacred Space You're working against blockages and These could be in your home there could Be negative entities there could be Spirits there just could be bad energy You may have GM Geopathic stress problems all of these Things uh cause uh the energies to be Decreased and can actually cause you to Fail what you're doing It's just as simple as that uh so you Want to create a Sacred Space so having Something like this and of course uh Using our alter uh sacred energy altar Cloths is another way to go but I'm Always looking for new better products That are cool uh that potentially uh now The classic Um altar cloth designs that I have Certainly are beautiful and very Effective and these tend to bring in Other energies as well uh to assist the Process while these are just positive Energies that clear out negative Energies so you're not going to be Bringing in uh like some of our classic Altar cloths of all the angels on them They go back thousands of years of Magical use so those are interesting but Um the whole idea is when you have Something like this all you have to do Is pop these underneath they're

Beautiful you can leave the them out as Well on your tables you can put these up On the walls decorations these are Proximately these four or five inches Let me get my little measuring stake Where is that now Hmm Let's just stuck that somewhere but These are about six inches I'll give you The dimensions but you can follow the Link below you can get these they're Shipped directly from the manufacturer To you which is in Asia so it takes a Little bit of time but well worth a Little bit of weight but Um and you know both sides are cut Beautifully Very fine laser cut wood and uh what is This three three maybe six inches Um So they're nice and Compact and uh you Can do anything you can put crystals on Here you can put these uh put a water Jug on top of this if you want to There's many many uses or as I said you Can just kind of hang these on the wall I believe I don't know if they all do There's a hole there so you can put a Little nail up and then you can put it Up against your wall here and that will Create energy in that particular area And that's another good thing to do if You're working in a room all the time Creating energy for that particular room

Um to have positive energy in it and These are something you maybe want to Put in every room so you can put one in Your bedroom you can put them in your Kitchen you can use these in many Different ways and not only do you have Attractive uh beautiful little wood Cuts But you're getting that energy and That's what I like to do so you can use Them in a common way and make it special Uh in general let's see if the other Ones have any kind of uh Okay it doesn't have a particular oh They do have all of that so they all Have holes in them at the top here so You can actually uh put a little nail There and hang it on there great thing To put up on your walls here And any wall and any room that you're Working in your bedroom Etc if you're Having problems uh the more positive Energy you have the better and if you're Working with any kind of tech Um Any kind of subtle energy machines uh You need as much positive yeah we live In a very negative world it's getting Worse people we're going through some Tough times here Um everybody needs to pump in as much as They can and if you can do that at a Great price Um what more can you ask for So until next time