2007 USPA Dannion Brinkley Life,Death and Beyond you tube

By | September 11, 2021

I give you daniel brinkley Yay [Applause] Okay kids Welcome to the 33rd Annual meeting The u.s psychotronics fair How i got into looking at psychotronics And this whole world of radionics Came about from the near death Experience So For you who don't know me I'm this guy that was born in south Carolina 57 years ago Who had absolutely no interest Whatsoever In what you would commonly call the Spiritual search for knowledge or Information From growing up in the deep south And just in case you don't know what It's like to grow up in the deep south Remember Everybody goes to hell where i came from Everybody's going to burn in hell where I came from And you're always going to run up on Somebody Who when they're talking to you About Hail And jesus Then you know

You better be careful About what you say So When you start listening to that Business By the time i was seven years old i knew I was going to hell And What they did was They had this fundamentalist baptist Group called the ras They were called the royal ambassadors And what they did is they took kids like Me And kept them busy during the weekend Um So you could go back to school because You would get suspended you know for Causing problems So I went for a weekend at the royal Ambassadors And these people telling me that the World was invented In 4741 bc And it was only 6 000 years old Well that was interesting enough And you know me and my curious self i Had a question I wanted to know Where moses put all those dinosaurs On the ark and what did he feed him Think about it now we know why there's

No unicorns And then they started telling me the Story about creation About adam and eve Well i knew i was in trouble guys Because i was about 14 years old and you Know when you're about 14 years old you Know you're not really thinking about Uh Going to heaven or hell you're thinking About a woman And a woman's thinking about a guy Well i knew i was in trouble because the More they talked about eve the better i Liked her And i decided that there would never be A day that would pass again that i Wouldn't have an apple with me And then they came to the punch line That i was guilty Of what somebody did in the desert 6 000 years ago Now i'm as a dumb little redneck from South carolina But you got to go some to make me think I was guilty of something somebody did In the desert 6 000 years ago number one I didn't see a video Number two i didn't even see any Pictures And number three i wasn't there Now how in the world can i be guilty of That now i know i was guilty Of slugging the school teacher which got

Me suspended which made me have to come To the ras Now i was guilty for that But you had to sincerely be stretching It to make me think i was guilty of what Adam and eve were doing in the desert or In the garden of eden 6 000 years ago So i kind of gave up on religion I figured if that mythology made him Happy it suited me But i was going on about my business And so i grew up playing sports and um Hitting people in the face And being six four and weighing 215 or 20 pounds then I tend to know my business abruptly I didn't get frustrated I didn't bear a grudge I didn't have all those problems like Most people had When i whenever it happened to me I ended and satisfied the issue at that Moment I cocked them Hit them just as hard as i could hit Them and see how long they could stand And so i figured that that's how the World worked And that was my job and then i Discovered the marine corps And then not only did you get patted on The back to be a good fighter you got Patted on the back when you killed them So my life was perfect

And then I wandered through the first 25 years of My life thinking just like that And then One day i was talking on the telephone And i was 25 years old And i'm talking on the telephone and i'm Cussing out a friend of mine Because he didn't do something i asked Him to do And I'm sitting And i'm like this And i'm talking to him And lightning follows the phone line Hits the pole outside and comes down the Phone line It hit me in the side of the head It went down my spine It welded the nails of the heels of my Shoes to the nails in the floor It threw me out of my shoes It suspended me in the air and it threw Me back down on the bed I was dead for 28 minutes I was completely paralyzed for six days I was partially paralyzed for seven Months it took two years to learn to Walk and feed myself