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[Music] The philadelphia experiment actually was Not called that until its last years When the final test took place in the Philadelphia harbor philadelphia Pennsylvania Originally it was called The project invisibility It began as a feasibility study in 1931 In chicago with the participants Being Dr john hutchinson Then dean of the university of chicago Later chancellor Nicola tesla And a third man a physicist Uh Who has eluded me for some years in Terms of his name And he was involved in this project They did a Study at that time there was a great Deal of speculation in the public press Regarding the possibility of making an Object invisible Doing the instant transference number From point a to point b and so forth Science had achieved a number of things By that time and the popular press Meaning things like popular science Popular mechanics had a great deal of Speculation on these things Tesla hutchinson and uh his associate Got together and decided let's see what

We can do about it It was at that point strictly a study no Hardware was built Eventually the project was transferred 1934 to the institute of advanced study In princeton university The institute of advanced study is not Part of princeton it is on princeton Property it was set up independently in 1930 by measures bamberger and company And in 1933 they started staffing and Actually started to work one of the First people who came on board of course Was albert einstein Also a doctor john van noyman joined in 1933 And a number of other people came on Board at later times Now the principles and back of this Experiment are quite important i will Not go into a great detail this time But you had a precursor history of Mathematics and physics which was Essential Nikola tesla was born in 1856 In smiljin croatia now part of uh Yugoslavia Poor parents his father was a priest his Mother was illiterate but apparently Quite talented He attended university in yugoslavia in 1879 one year and his father died and Ran out of funds as a result of this And he went to work for a living

Western union then he went to work for The the edison company the european Division Where in 1984 1884 i'm sorry He left europe and came to the united States At that point he had already gone into The early history in the development of The ac polyphase theory He had a lot of notes on this He had as the saying goes when he Arrived in new york A good working knowledge if not a Mastery of 11 languages four cents in His pocket the book of poetry but most Important of all the letter of Introduction to thomas alva edison Eventually got to see mr edison And initially they had some Disagreements because edison was a dc Man and Tesla of course was an ac man Nevertheless he went to work with edison For approximately a year in his lab And over a disagreement regarding money And promises made tesla left In 18 I think was 1885 it became 1889 he Became a naturalized citizen 1885 he met Other people he developed his own lab he Became involved with western union in The united states Eventually he met George westinghouse at one of the i now

Called ieee then institute of radio Engineers or electrical engineers in the Days before radio Met george westinghouse westinghouse Took him to dinner at the wall of Astoria And bought his 20 patents On ac theory million dollars cold cash Which is a great deal of money in those Days Plus one dollar per horsepower Later this agreement was rescinded by Tesla but in the meantime this got him Going and set up his labs and he Continued to do research He was the first man to develop a Commercial Ac power generating system agrofollows 1892 i believe it was 1893 he lit with ac power the chicago World's fair Also demonstrated a radio controlled Boat In the boat basin in 1893 He repeated this demonstration in 1898 At madison square garden new york this Is important to establish the fact that He was the first man to develop radio Not a certain man from Italy who for many years mr marconi Claimed the fame of being the first he Was not And this has been born out in the courts In recent years

In 1999 through 1900 tesla went to colorado Springs to do further basic research Which involved many things among others He was concerned with the possible Transmission of power by wireless means Or through the ground as an alternative System He of course in the meantime had become Connected with Uh Rather wealthy people Uh mr j p morgan being the most Important Who financed him for many years Morgan was not was not a visionary he Was a practical man Tesla was a visionary but he had the Means to finance the research work at Tesla When tesla finally came to him after he Was building the wharton cliff tower in Long island for the purpose of giving Him radio and television transmission of Course which very much excited mr morgan About 1906 he comes to him and says mr Morgan i really want to use his tower For wireless transmission of power So as the movie done by zagreb Productions says very clearly Mr morgan turned someone says mr tesla Do you mean to say That someone by putting a rod on the Ground and another in the air can pick

Up all the free power they want and i Can't put a meter on it It didn't go over very well with mr Morgan they were conflicting stories as To what happened then one says that Morgan discontinued all funding And mr tesla himself in his own Autobiography he did write one believe It or not Says that mr morgan jp morgan kept his Agreements to the letter I can't prove it either way The common accepted idea is that morgan Withdrew funding the tower was never Completed in 1917 was dynamited In 1917 tesla became highly involved With the government in government war Research electronics And uh through this met franklin delano Roosevelt who was then under secretary Of the navy Seriously would ask him if he would do Work for the government during the war And he said certainly he would he was Happy to and he did A part of the organizational setup which Tesla was part of at that time was American marconi company They were seized in 1917 or 18 as having Foreign connections and so forth and you Know what kind of paranoia has developed During the war The company was seized tesla was working With it in 1919

August Rca corporation was set up as a result Of this as a new corporation In december of 1919 they started Operations tesla was a principal Engineer there a lot of other people Were transferred in from american Marconi Tesla remained with rca until 1939 In 1935 it's not well known but he was The vice president and director of all Engineering and research for rca Worldwide And he had his retirement party in Cherry hill new jersey in 1939 and this Is documented it's in the archives Marvel's archives of cherry hill new Jersey now yes they have all the rca Records because a strange thing happened Many companies didn't have the space to Keep archives anymore marvel says we'll Take any archives that anybody wishes to Donate to us and keep them in perpetuity So some of the documents exist there Tesla did not bring a highly theoretical Background To the study which became the eventually The philadelphia experiment He had an enormously Accurate and good grasp intuitively and Had additionally the ability to vent to Visualize whatever he was working on Internally in his head Now other people became involved

In 1905 Was born a gentleman known as dr john Eric von neumann Of course he was not dr van neumann then He was A man of great mathematical ability He took his degree in chemistry his Bachelor's degree in 1925 his phd in Math in 1926 One year separation they could do it Then And taught in europe for four years From now until 1930 when he left the United states became adjunct adjunct Professor of mathematics at princeton Taught at the princeton University the graduate school And was invited to join the institute Which he did At the same general time period was born Another man of great importance Dr david hilbert Born in germany lived in germany took His phd in math in germany and died in Germany In 1956 i built 53 approximately Culprits contributions were enormous He of course Had understudied all of the other Well-known mathematicians of europe Leibniz and all the rest And he developed five new systems of Mathematics principle one of interest to Us was his so-called hilbert space

Which is a mathematical representation Of dealing with multiple realities in Multiple space and the mathematics Pertaining to it [Music] You