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By | September 11, 2021

I have an announcement about the audio Tapes Any orders turned in by 11 this morning Will be processed gentlemen This morning we'd like to present for You Tom brown and eric Dollard their subject this morning is New researches On the multi-wave Oscillator Thank you There's been a lot of interest lately in The multi-wave oscillator my first Interest in it came from reading a book That borderland sciences research Published Which was some information that dr bob Beck released in the early 60s and i was Absolutely fascinated by the Possibilities of this And basically what the multi-wave Oscillator is from the standpoint as i Understood then Was you take a Concentric ring antenna similar to the One that you see here And you drive it with a tesla coil to Spark the You drive a spark down here and each Ring will then oscillate by being driven By the spark And apparently in uh researchers there Have been some very good results

As far as beneficial effects on life Waves And the theory behind this is that Everything resonates you take a section Of wire and it's going to resonate Because of the You can call it cosmic radiation or Orgone or ether or whatever you want Which is always flowing in the universe And it drives it and oscillates it to a Certain degree And when you put into a coil form then You get a closed oscillatory system And the center of every cell is rna dna Molecule Which is a spiral helix and this also Has a resonant frequency and it's been Found these resonant frequencies are Within the radio range So by shock driving these antennas you Could produce all the oscillations of The body And therefore bring it into balance and I would like to point out this time that We're not recommending this for any Medical use whatsoever we're just Researching into the waveforms and maybe In agriculture Okay in the system in present usage what We have here is is two plates with Concentric rings such as you see in this Situation here even though the geometry Is a little different And these all add up to form what's a

Capacitor plate basically you have a Surface here and if you apply an Electric charge To any point on this the whole thing Builds up a static field around it And often you'll get sparks jumping Between the plates as the thing tries to Equalize its potential out and become to One static electric potential So this is hooked to a tesla transformer Which Is often grounded to one side And what you have here is you have a Space in between these two antennas it Becomes altered by the high voltage high Frequency output of the tesla Transformer [Applause] So what this reduces to is basically is You have two plates of a capacitor Driven by a high frequency or impulse Current generator Which produces a current in this space The intensity of this current is Directly proportional to the amount of Lines of electric force that are Produced by this coil Which is often called the voltage And the time rate at which this is Charged and discharged by the sudden Reversals of electric potential produced By the coil So inside this you basically have a Modified space here consisting of a kind

Of ether shock waves now i found That if you take and put a spark gap Across this That this space then discharges in Nanoseconds and you produce a A kind of explosive action in this space In other words you have Electric lines of induction which form a Type of compression Inside the space which Is often wrongly called a scalar field In actuality what it is it's a static Longitudinal field So you can kind of view it like as a A tank or cylinder filled with Compressed gas And when you put a spark gap across this Then this pressure is suddenly relieved And all of this force explodes outwards Faster than the velocity of light Against the bounding structures we've Had people you know indicate they felt Rather profound experiences inside this Space And would be interesting to experiment To see exactly what kind of effect this Has as far as with relation to You know mind states and diseases and What have you [Applause] Okay Since this is coming around again I thought those of you who are sort of New to the field might like just a very

Brief thumbnail history About a quarter of a century ago i was The judge jury and executioner on every New age device that came through Southern california That included free energy motors healing Devices you name it And in the course of a good year we had Examined maybe 100 125 devices and about 99.9 percent of them were either placebo Garbage or Wishful thinking hallucination But once in a long while we would come Across something that was exceptional And in 1962 it was the lakowski multiple Wave oscillator Now i'm going to say i reserve the right To change my mind about anything i'm Telling you And number two we wish we'd had someone Like eric dollard around at the time we Were playing with this But what we did is we built a very small Device small being the size of an attic Case that had the lakowski antennas Driven by a tesla coil The first thing i did was call up all of My sick friends Lined them up And did experiments on them couldn't do That today because of fda we cured tommy Harrod's father who was about to have an Amputated leg diabetic Edema he was out

Within about a week he'd gotten a Driver's license legally Was walking again we cured any number of Cancer patients believe it or not We Found that many of these had wound up in The hands of veterinarians we published The schematics And the veterinarians were carrying Cancer in animals that other vets would Put to sleep So Word would get around and the Veterinarians would bring sick animals To the guy that had it And they'd get well well at the time What we assumed Was that we were simply shock exciting a Number of dipoles Think of some big brandy glasses [Music] And when you Uh drove these with enough of a Spark So that the spark would drive all of These concentrically down to the center Each of these would emit A particular frequency depending on the Physical size of the dipole The heterodynes of these the sums and Differences of all of these put together Would put out sort of an rf white noise Well when we finally looked at the Spectrum of this on a huge

Hewlett-packard gigahertz spectrum Analyzer We found a lot of unexpected uh Harmonics way up in the giga gigahertz Range that we later found Were caused by the arc itself Let's say that the end of this Screwdriver Is uh showing these sparks that you Could draw off the secondary of a tesla Coil Obviously when this was at zero There was nothing here But if we looked at it with a very high Speed camera and the spark would go out To about four and a half inches And then collapse of course your eye Can't see this because of persistence of Vision What we had Was an antenna Of zero dimensions At this point Uh Micro millimeter dimensions until it got Out to about four and a half inches And then collapsed so part of this Energy was coming from this ionized air You know when the air uh is zionized you Have practically a dead short between Here and here Any of you who pulled a spark On a pair of pliers from a system Okay

I'm making too much noise with this Would realize that a tremendous amount Of energy can be Handled by this ionized or Short-circuited path of air So what we had not taken into account in The original thinking about this device Was that we had Besides the Rather broad spectra of each of these Dipoles which is shock excited We had another frequency modulated Signal