1985 USPA Bob Beck Advanced Electronic Sensors of the Occult you tube

By | September 11, 2021

This time robert beck [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Okay Hello hello hello How is it in the back row [Applause] I'll stay away from the feedback maybe I'd better just hold this and uh okay The other way or it's not gonna Trace you Is this the recorder I've been having a hard time hearing in The back and i suspect i'm not the only One is this better Okay i've entitled this Very brief presentation i say brief Because normally this is a one day Workshop That paul andrews and i have been doing In los angeles Have entitled this occult Influences in health and disease And i'm using the word occult In the strictest most rigid dictionary Definition Which means hidden If you look in your webster's dictionary The preferred meaning of a cult Historically has been simply hidden from Sight The More recent meaning has had something to

Do with magic witchcraft Metaphysics etcetera A perfect Example Of an occult influence in health and Disease Would be the middle ages before Past tour and caulk had done their work In france proving With the compound microscope That little bitty Living organisms germs microbes bacteria Had been the cause of the deaths of half Of the population of middle europe Throughout the middle ages The germs bacteria microbes and today Viruses Are by definition occult Simply because you cannot see them with The naked eye unless you have a massive Colony colony you can't smell them taste Them feel them etc I'm suggesting And i think we have ample proof That some of the most profound Modulators of human well-being mood Health Etc Are going to be found have been found in The electromagnetic spectra And we're going to not just talk about What some of these things are today I too am a theoretician But i come from the position of what

Good Is all of this knowledge all of this Information all of these formulas If we can't reduce them to practice In tools that can make our lives better Here and now and instead of talking About Perhaps the influences that are Affecting us Be they psychic physical electromagnetic Chemical in the forms of pollution Adenosine Unless we have the tools To measure these detect them See what they are define them Give quantitative Parameters to the influences Number one we will never get the Agreement of our establishment Colleagues and number two we are Probably just kidding ourselves So after the background material which You will see basically in the form of Color slides We're going to demonstrate The crusader rabbit ghostbuster kit And show you a few little instruments Many of which you can purchase at radio Shack for Under twenty dollars Many of which you can build for under a Couple of hundred That will make you extremely popular With your local police department

Environmental protective agency Health physicists Some of these tools are outgrowths of The devices that i built that i used in Eugene oregon at the time of the Original Woodpecker flap 1977's At any rate We are at the interface between Tomorrow's medicine And the establishment medicine If you are interested in looking at real State-of-the-art Technology and electromagnetic medicine I sincerely advise that you get a hold Of the book The body electric by dr robert o becker How many of you have seen this heard About it Oh this is a marvelous audience This man was nominated for a nobel prize Four years ago But he was too outspoken He was sort of uh Put aside because like many of us in the Uspa He had called the establishment on its Act he had said that power lines were Causing problems With mental and physical health And in my opinion robert o'becker is one Of the saints of this age By the way

I was deeply honored last october To meet with a number of people who are Interested in electromagnetic health We're developing a prototype of an Electronic device Basically An outgrowth of robert o'becker's work Get this that instead of growing arms And legs back on vertebrates Restored brain And neuronal tissue Now what's the matter with this It's no longer a scientific Or medical problem The reason that this might never be seen On the market Is that what are we going to do With these geriatric people after we Have restored their minds and bodies to Health The reservation of this group was that This will wreck social security It will put an undue burden On welfare On retirement funds On insurance policies And although much of this technology Exists now today We may never see it because of Socio-political problems not because of The scientific impracticality of the Technology