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By | September 11, 2021

Undoubtedly You're all familiar with the name Of this man who has contributed Substantially to our field and continues To do so Marcel fogle [Applause] Welcome everyone i'm glad to be here and To share with you My First step With joe terry smith And myself into the study of the Question Is of What is this energy that we are dealing With In psychotronic work What is this phenomena of dowsing And Radionics and before the end of this Lecture I hope to share with you A idea or theory Which can start the path to bringing This together into a logical scientific Framework I've been with ibm for 27 years and Retired in april As a senior scientist with them in the Field of material research My primary scientific work has been in The field of magnetics I hold the basic patterns on

Magnetic coatings for the disk memory System that we have made and sell Throughout the world After 27 years the original formula Is still being used By ibm throughout the world in all Of their disc memory systems There have been three Basic interests in my life Which are being brought together here Now in psychic research One The conversion of energy In crystalline solids This is the field of luminescence The absorption of radiation by a solid And the re-transmission of this Radiation at a another frequency We call luminescence be it either Fluorescence Phosphorescence or slow fluorescence That started at an early age of 11. It Transferred to the study Of the world of crystals And the formation of the crystalline State As observed under the microscope The discovery that was made was that Nature Predicts its form In other words At the moment of transition From a liquid or melt stage

To the solid There is a momentary flash of light Or energy Which is a preform For the space That the solid state will occupy In other words In about 1962 I saw That Primo Or preform That has been a driving force to try now To discover in a more methodical and Scientific form The next step Was that when i did the Work In liquid crystals the intermediate Stage between liquid and solid I found that when i brought The liquid crystal state From the Melt Or solution state to that critical delta T temperature or degree of saturation Again that razor edge That my mind The field That my mind creates when i am focused And i hold my breath That Matter starts to form In accordance with my will

I can paint a picture Under the microscope It takes about one hour How many of you here now could hold your Attention for one hour Without interruption It takes intense focus and concentration The pictures hang in my office Of the blessed mother Which was made that way At easter time i thought of a crucifix And their crucifix formed With this material When the completion was done i Photographed it I had that knowledge since 1962. I presented these as interesting Scientific work Of photomicrography under the microscope I've had to keep quiet Basically because there was no way i Could communicate This type of knowledge The third step And the one that brings me here now Was the moving of mind the power and the Energies of mind Into a crystallographic form a crystal A natural crystal cut to a particular Shape That shape came to me if you want in a Green The tree of life The kabbalah

The sacred symbol of the energetics of Matter brought into the critical form of Man And when one formed that crystal in that Way Energy of mind is contained And starts to oscillate In a periodic manner In the crystallographic shape And when one releases that with breath That field penetrates The energy envelope of a person and Resonance And balance is brought into being These crystals i hold here Here's one that i use In the treatment Of various forms of disease And as you look you see the cabala Personified the tree of life It is not my intent to discuss This with you today I want to go back to a more fundamental Important note And that is What are we doing When We Rub A Radionic instrument and get a stick What force is taking place within you And what happens to you as an operator Two

How can you get Reproducibility of measurement Three What are the preparations that you must Go through and be under When you operate these instruments They are the most technically demanding Profound instruments that we have on This earth plane Because You And the instrument Must become one You must know Your state of mind and being and be at Peace and harmony with yourself Now i'll read you A Statement That Came to me on the 21st of this month As to the purpose and direction Of the work that we are doing in san Jose on psychic research and you will See the compatibility Of what we are doing In meditation this morning A clear picture came to me of the role And function Of psychic research We are to find the note Characteristic of each body Precipitated into form Each object

Which has form And because of this form Space is limited A resistance is set up in this object Causing it to vibrate Or pulsate This vibration or pulsation Is the primary note We are looking for